Welcome / Dynnargh

Welcome to the new online, searchable, dictionary of Cornish. The dictionary is written in the Standard Written Form of Cornish and the intention is that it will be constantly updated and extended. As well as adding new terminology and extending the range of the dictionary, over time information about each word and usage will also be made available as will audio files to allow the pronunciations to be heard.

A pdf version is available on the MAGA website and this will be updated on a 6 monthly basis to reflect additions to the online version.

Feedback on this resource is most welcome and a feedback form is included for your use.

MAGA hopes that this will be a useful addition to the wide range of resources now available to help both speakers and learners of Cornish. For further information about Cornish, resources and events, visit the website www.magakernow.org.uk

or contact the office on cornishlanguage@cornwall.gov.uk

Dynnargh dhe’n gerlyver hwiladow warlinen nowyth a Gernewek. Skrifys yw an gerlyver y’n Furv Savonek Skrifys a Gernewek ha’n mynnas yw y fydh prest nowythhes hag ystynnys. Keffrys ha keworra termynologieth nowyth hag ystynna efander an gerlyver, dres termyn kedhlow a-dro dhe bub ger ha’y usadow a vydh kavadow, yn herwydh restrennow sonek dhe asa bos klewys an leveryans.

Vershyon pdf yw kavadow war wiasva MAGA hag y fydh hemma nowythhes pub 6 mis dhe dhastewynnya keworransow dhe’n versyon warlinen.

Dasliv war an asnodh ma a vydh meur dhynerhys ha furvlen dhasliv yw komprehendys rag agas us.

MAGA a wayt y fydh hemma keworrans dhe les dhe’n asnodhow a lies kinda lemmyn kavadow dhe ri gweres ha kowsoryon ha dyskoryon a Gernewek. Rag kedhlow pella a-dro dhe Gernewek, asnodhow ha hwarvosow, vysytya an wiasva www.magakernow.org.uk

po kestava orth an sodhva war cornishlanguage@cornwall.gov.uk