Pronunciation / Leveryans

 The recommended pronunciation(s)

Recommended Middle and Late Cornish based pronunciations are given for each entry, marked M and L respectively. Initially, only transcriptions in the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) will be available for all entries. Over time, audio recordings will be added as well. The recommendations on this website are not meant to represent the only ‘correct’ ways of pronouncing Cornish, but rather two ends of the continuum that is spoken Cornish. Most present day speakers use pronunciations somewhere in between the two.

The recommended pronunciation has been amended somewhat from that given in the initial specification of the SWF. A number of suggestions made during discussions of the CLP’s corpus working group have been implemented. These changes are meant to take closer account of how Cornish is actually spoken while at the same time preserving the aspiration of speakers and learners to stay true to the distinct ‘Cornish’ sound of the language.

 In an attempt to side-step the problem of divergent reconstructions, the phoneme /r/ has always been transcribed [r]. This does not imply that it is meant to be pronounced as a trill as in Spanish in all positions. Most Cornish speakers use retroflex [ɹ] as in English, flapped [ɾ] or an allophonic distribution of the two.






An leveryans(ow) komendys

Gans pub penner y’n gerlyver yma res leveryansow komendys rag Kernewek Kres keffrys ha Kernewek Diwedhes, merkys M hag L. Y’n tor’ ma nyns eus saw treusskrifow y’n Lytherennek Fonetek Keswlasek (IPA), mes y’n termyn usi ow tos y fydh keworrys moy ha moy a sonskrifow ynwedh. Ny verk agan komendyansow an fordhow ‘ewn’ unnik a gewsel Kernewek. Nyns yns i saw dew benn didorva an yeth Kernewek kewsys. Yma leveryans brassa rann an Gernewegoryon a hedhyw yn neb le yntra an dhew.

An leveryans komendys re beu chanjys nebes a-dhyworth an pyth a veu skrifys yn spec an FSS. Gweythys veu niver certan a brofyansow gwrys gans eseli bagas Corpus MAGA. Towl an chanjyow ma yw neshe an leveryans komendys orth an huni usys pub dydh oll gans Kernewegoryon a hedhyw. Towl aral yw skoodhya kewsoryon ha dyskoryon neb a vynn gwitha son ‘Kernewek’ arbennek an taves.

Pub ynstans a'n fonem /r/ a veu treusskrifys avel [r]. Ny dal hemma bos pub "r" Kernewek leverys avel tryll kepar ha'n "r" Spaynek. Brassa rann an Gernewegoryon a lever [ɹ] (kepar ha'n "r" Sowsnek) po [ɾ] (unn flap a'n taves) po lesrannans alofonek an dhew.