Welcome to the new online, dictionary of Cornish. The dictionary is written in the Standard Written Form of Cornish and the intention is that it will be constantly updated and extended. As well as adding new terminology and extending the range of the dictionary, over time information about each word and usage will also be made available as will audio files to allow the pronunciations to be heard.


About the Akademi

Akademi Kernewek is recognised by Cornwall Council as the definitive body responsible for corpus planning for the Cornish language. Akademi Kernewek is responsible for setting standards for the language, developing the dictionary, place names and carrying out research. The Akademi comprises Cornish language experts and provides advice on standards for Cornish language in the Standard Written Form (SWF).

This dictionary is in the Standard Written Form (SWF) of the Cornish Language, as agreed in 2008 and reviewed in 2014. Some results may have Middle or Late variants and these are indicated M and L respectively.

You can find more information about the Akademi Kernewek and its work here: https://www.akademikernewek.org.uk/


Process for agreeing new terms

Step 1 - Researching new terms
The Akademi Terminology Panel researches new terms not found in the Cornish language dictionary from a variety of sources including:
Cornwall Council Translation Service
Research produced by Cornish speakers on a specific topic

Details of how the Akademi researches a new term is explained here: https://www.akademikernewek.org.uk/panels?locale=en

Step 2 - Proposing new terms
All new terms are reviewed by the Akademi Board and then added to the online Cornish language dictionary, clearly tagged as a 'proposed term' for at least one year.
Comments are invited on any proposed terms.

Step 3 - Approving new terms
After a new term has been listed online for at least one year, all comments will be considered by the Akademi and the proposed term reconsidered if necessary.
The Terminology Panel may then recommend to the Akademi Board that the 'proposed term' become an official term for the Cornish language dictionary.